Your touch solution provider

Your touch solution provider

Your touch solution provider

PCB design en product assembly by Dytos

With the right materials and technical knowledge, we provide you with optical bonding, PCB design and product assembly.

Optical bonding

Optical bonding is the connection of a cover lens with a display, using a filling layer. This connection can be made with a liquid adhesive or a foil. Optical bonding improves the readability of the display and provides better protection against condensation between the cover and display. Optical bonding also makes devices less susceptible to sunlight reflection. Optical bonding is often used for applications outdoors or in wet environments.

PCB design

Sometimes, in order to cut costs for your application, it may be desirable to place the chipset on the mainboard of the application. Our PCB designers will support you with the design of your PCBs. We can also take care of the complete design and production.


If you would like to have your product fully or partially assembled, we have the tour for you. We can attach your display to the touchscreen using double-sided tape or optical bonding. The display and the touchscreen should be merged in a dust-free area. Dytos has a Class 1000 clean room where this can be done.

We can also handle the attachment of frames, enclosures or components. Everything is done according to your specifications.